Swace Launches a Blockchain-Based Social Engagement Platform

launch unique and highly engaging social games.

Swace App Public Beta is Live on iOS and Android. Utilize your time to earn crypto.

Don’t miss out on the new social engagement platform to earn crypto and utilize your time for the best use.

Change happens. Don't miss out on the new opportunity to join a blockchain-based social medium/engagement platform and earn crypto.

Change Things. Swace serves the unsatisfied and unheard by changing things!

Swace enables everyone to use the platform as a social medium to earn crypto from playing social games and also get support from their audience.

The whole team embraces our core values and believes in challenging the status-quo and changing things.”

— Dovydas Riasnojus

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Swace has launched their public Beta platform on both iOS and Android. Swace app is a very friendly platform that is reminiscent of other social media platforms – people may share content on their feed, explore and follow people, and network. Most importantly, Swace launches social games that are designed to request actions such as taking a photo, or going to a specific location, using AR and other forms of games to be released in the 2nd quarter. Additionally, your audiences may send SWACE tokens to your content as a form of support.

Swace app is carefully designed to be brands’ most engaging tool, and consumers’ best friend. Swace’s vision of a social medium is one that promotes real-time engagement and enables consumers to complete games, compete in challenges, and get rewarded with real-rewards that are worth their time. Additionally, Swace is to launch NFT Artist Club allowing brands to create unique and exclusive NFT collections by collaborating with their top loyal fans, benefiting both the artists and the brands with additional marketing channels.

“We started Swace for the sole purpose of introducing a better way to engage with the target audience,” Dovydas Riasnojus, Swace Founder and CEO, said. Swace requires actions from games participants, and these actions, “build loyalty, build habits, and require the person’s attention and intent to read the message and promote it,” he added. Swace economically to brands may as well be cheaper than affiliate programs, more accurate than PPC, and higher in engagement than most channels we have today. “That’s what we call, Swace Trinity.”

Swace enables brands to launch social games for their most loyal and enthusiastic fans to promote their message, try their products, and truly experience the brand. Cutting down the need of some third-party unnecessary advertising expenses.

Our team of visionary and future-thinking people that are not afraid to change the status-quo are what make Swace happen. Swace is the future of online engagement, allowing brands to find the most unique and original ways to engage their target audience and turn them into advocates and influencers, and maybe even product testers.

Swace app is public Beta is out for everyone on iOS and Android to join early and start utilizing time to your advantage.

About Swace:

Swace is a blockchain-based social gaming platform where users gain rewards for engaging with brands. Ideation started in 2016, the young team aims at revolutionizing the online engagement industry. Swace is the new age of how consumers and brands interact by enabling brands to create unique and original social games that users gain rewards from playing. Swace app, public testing to be available on both iOS and Android soon, has already attracted a number of large enterprise partners in Europe

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