NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2021 / — Kyodai Technologies, Inc. has announced Rensa Games™, a platform for video game development and distribution built on the Ethereum blockchain. Rensa Games features automated content licensing and real-time payments for digital asset creators and independent game developers. The platform is currently live in a private alpha, and is accepting applications from developers to publish the first “Non-Fungible Games™” (NFGs™) ahead of its upcoming public launch. To apply, please visit

“Leveraging blockchains like Ethereum to handle cash flows and digital rights management grants independent developers and content creators greater autonomy,” said Anthony Apollo, co-founder and CEO. “This technology is designed for disintermediation, and can cut out large incumbent publishers and distribution platforms that have monopolized the market and dictated terms for everyone involved.”

Rensa Games will host these innovative Non-Fungible Games on its platform, represented by tokenized licenses that grant players access to content. Unlike other game distribution services, players will be able to use NFGs to freely resell their game access to other players on the platform, and on the secondary market. NFGs also facilitate simple digital rights management, ensuring that a user must hold the cryptographically secure token to access the game, instead of requiring intrusive software.

Ultimately, an open peer-to-peer marketplace will allow independent content creators to list and monetize their video game assets, which developers can then leverage to build new titles in a cooperative way. These digital objects can include character models, motion capture, music, and other user-generated content in a low-code or no-code ecosystem. Rensa Games’ blockchain infrastructure ensures that all creators who contributed to the game receive royalty payments in real-time.

Further, Rensa Games will allow fans to invest in their favorite creators, studios, and franchises. Compliant crowdfunding through Regulation CF will allow United States investors to own part of the content they fund, through the use of regulated security tokens.

“We believe that opening this decentralized marketplace can drive down development costs, expedite launch cycles, enhance collaboration, and enable creators to establish a reputation outside of a large development company,” Mr. Apollo stated. “While we’re starting with small and ‘retro’ content, the strong value proposition we provide will allow us to grow alongside the greater blockchain ecosystem.”

Mr. Apollo and other members of the founding team have worked on multiple “firsts” in the blockchain space, including decentralized science fiction franchise Cellarius and the regulated Professional Athlete Investment Token™ with Spencer Dinwiddie of the Brooklyn Nets.

More details about Rensa Games will be available soon. To stay up-to-date, you can register at and subscribe to their social media channels.


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