Dogecoin? Bitcoin? Ether? Banksy art sold using cryptocurrency

Sotheby’s auction house sold a piece of Banksy art for $12.9 million, and the buyer allegedly used cryptocurrency.

Sotheby’s said Wednesday that the “Love is in the Air” piece by Banksy sold after a 14-minute auction that included four bidders. The winning bid came from someone who used cryptocurrency.

Which cryptocurrency bought Banksy’s art?

It’s unclear which cryptocurrency was used for the purchase. However, Sotheby’s said it would accept Bitcoin or Ethereum for auctions, so it’s likely one of those, according to Fox Business.

Per The Associated Press, Sotheby’s said that it would accept bitcoins as a payment method, so it looks like it might have been a bitcoin purchase.

Moving to the future

Sotheby’s has started to embrace future technologies. Back in April, Sotheby’s hosted an auction for an NFT — which stands for non-fungible tokens — which is a digital piece of art, according to Yahoo! Finance.