Bitcoin Daily: FinTech Circle Hires Ex-McKinsey CFO

Circle has named Jeremy Fox-Geen, a tech veteran, as its new chief financial officer (CFO), according to a press release.

Fox-Geen will be in charge of the company’s finance and treasury organizations, and he will work with the company on scaling out globally, the release stated.

Fox-Geen previously worked as CFO at iStar, Safehold and McKinsey & Co., North America, according to the release.

In other news, Palantir Technologies has branded itself “open for business” when it comes to bitcoin, according to CFO Dave Glazer, CoinDesk reported.

Speaking on the company’s earnings call Tuesday (May 11), Glazer said the publicly traded software company is accepting bitcoin as payment, according to CoinDesk.

He also said he is considering investing in bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset, per the report.

Meanwhile,, the company behind the EOSIO open-source software, has announced a new subsidiary, Bullish Global, which will operate as an independent entity, according to a press release.

Bullish Global will be focused on the planned release this year of Bullish, a new blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange intended to combine the “performance, user privacy and compliance offered by central order book technology” with the vertical integration technology offered by decentralized finance (DeFi), the release stated.

The Bullish exchange will offer “new automated market making, lending and portfolio management tools to its users to deliver functionality that has previously been monopolized by incumbent players in traditional finance, while driving deeper liquidity to digital assets,” according to the release.

Lastly, Flexa, which works in digital payments, is teaming with unified payments platform Aurus to bring digital currency payments to retailers worldwide, according to a press release.

Merchants connected with Aurus have the ability to use Flexus to seamlessly accept dozens of digital currencies as payment on Flexa’s network, including bitcoin, ether, dogecoin and others, the release stated.

Aurus’ payments solution will also allow Flexa to access it across a wide variety of merchant industries like specialty retail, department stores, health and beauty, grocery, automotive, QSR and fine dining, according to the release.



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