Top American Metal Band Citizen Kane Creates a Ripple in the Music Industry with its Incredible Resonance

Popular rock band from Tennessee, Citizen Kane gives out a thundering performance, both instrumental and vocal in their recently released soundtracks.

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Kingsport, Tennessee Feb 15, 2021 ( – The musical form of metal has become an immortal musical form that continues to thrive, incorporating different relevant instrumental elements. Established American rock band from Tri-Cities Tennessee, Citizen Kane has become a well-known figure in the contemporary hard rock scene. They exude an extraordinary and authentic metal vibe. The band has released highly creative numbers such as ‘Ghost Within‘ and ‘Plan- B‘. They are the true representation of authentic metal wrapped in the individual charisma of the band. The next song in their collection, ‘Shine‘ casts a hypnotic spell over the audience through its reverberated instrumental sequences.

Formed in 2010 by guitarist James Salyers, the band consists of three more members, lead guitarist Don Alexander, bassist Jayson Owens, and drummer Trevor Reece. Salyers was inspired by early British Metal and American Rock bands to create his own musical group. Deeply moved by their electrifying bass, tube-driven guitar, and robust vocal performance, he tries to embed all three elements in each of his compositions. Every soundtrack by the artist is a charismatic rhythmic number, exuding exceptional resonance.

Working with the production house Black Derby Music Group, Citizen Kane has been delivering top quality hard rock bangers for years. The band has released Two Studio Albums and One self-titled EP on major streaming platforms. The new releases like ‘Ghost Within‘, ‘Plan- B‘, and ‘Shine‘ offer a completely different resonance. They maintain the true magnificence of the reverberated instrumentation. The band is releasing a new album, ‘World on fire’ very soon. Follow them on Spotify, Twitter, and Facebook for more information.

Let’s check out these tracks of Citizen Kane, links given below:

Ghost Within:

Plan- B: