Revolutionising Ecommerce with Blockchain Technology

The world is going online and ecommerce is the leading form of shopping for consumers worldwide. The first thing that consumers look for in an online marketplace is trust and ease of transactions. Whether it is usability, customer management, transactions, or supply, ecommerce ticks all the right boxes as far as performance is concerned. No wonder then that by the end of the year 2021, global retail ecommerce sales are going to touch about $5 trillion and in another two decades, almost 95% of the world’s shoppers will be using the online marketplace. Amidst all this, there has been the emergence of a bridge to connect consumers with businesses and allow smooth transaction of cash. The bridge is a company called CashPay and it is set to revolutionize the online retail experience.

CashPay brings ecommerce a step closer to Blockchain Technology through an open distributed ledger that records transactions between two parties in a decentralized manner that involves trust, faster transactions, no hidden costs, etc. With its launch in 2021, the CashPay platform is going to start with the initial implementation of $CPZ (token), closely followed by CPZ Beta. The company is also going to launch country-specific ecommerce websites and smartphone apps.

CashPay The Bridge

CashPay is basically a “marketplace for Direct Customers”, a king of payment gateway solutions, which uses Utility Token ($CPZ) or cryptocurrency to make transactions happen. Currently, the company is at a nascent stage but its products are futuristic—CashPay Shop, CashPay EZ (Payment Gateway) and CashPay Passport (Merchant Wallet). The company is betting on the multi-fold growth in the ecommerce market over the past few decades, which has shifted towards transactions done through cryptocurrency.

A Payment Gateway

In the company’s words, “CashPay is the bridge. We have developed a fully functional ecommerce marketplace that serves as a shop where buyers can purchase a variety of goods by paying with cryptocurrency. In addition to the marketplace, we are working on a Payment Gateway that can be integrated on partner and existing ecommerce websites, allowing the consumers the option to pay through cryptocurrency.” The company will encourage online transactions with the use of CashPay tokens ($CPZ). Additionally, CashPay will also streamline the whole process of the transaction by making use of a Merchant Wallet that will be used like the current electronic wallets, with cryptocurrency in it, instead of bills. The company is on a mission to “fix the inability of the existing ecommerce to benefit from the multi-faceted world of Blockchain Technology.”

CashPay Group plans to introduce a wide range of products. As of now, electronics, accessories, smart wearables, smartphones, video games, etc. are a part of the ecommerce platform that is powered by the $CPZ token. Strategic partnerships with top producers and brands are already underway that shall see a lot of big names become a part of this revolutionary Blockchain project.

Among their impressive set of future plans are CashPay ‘SuperStores’, a line of brick-and-mortar stores set up worldwide that would serve as retail megastores and outlets to facilitate off-line commerce through cryptocurrency, thus adding another dimension to the ambitious project.

The robust social media presence of CashPay is already creating the right buzz among potential consumers as well as merchants. You can find it on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.