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Trader Michaël van de Poppe makes his prediction for the 2021 crypto market. In a video for his YouTube channel, he states that Bitcoin will maintain its dominance over the coming months. But bitcoin will enter a consolidation phase that will allow the uptrend to shift to altcoins.

Then the trader compares Bitcoin to gold and altcoins to silver in the commodities market. He adds that altcoins are undervalued. In the first quarter of the year, the price of Bitcoin could calm down and then undergo a correction of 30%. Then it will resume an uptrend in the second quarter of the year.

Bitcoin BTC

Bitcoin BTC


Therefore, van de Poppe predicts that when the price of Bitcoin drops, investors will allocate capital to mid-cap cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies will temporarily perform better as a result.

What to expect from the market in Q2 2021?

Later, van de Poppe predicts that when mid-cap cryptocurrencies stop increasing their price, investors will move towards low-cap cryptocurrencies. At this time, second layer solutions such as Celer Network, MATIC and SKALE could present a good opportunity to make profits.

By the middle of the year, the market could experience a “phenomenon” that indicates a change in its trend. The trader highlights the DeFi sector and NFTs as potential catalysts for such a change. At this point, Bitcoin and Ethereum might be a more attractive option to take advantage of the change in the uptrend.

However, van de Poppe advises his audience to maintain a neutral stance regarding their investments. He also advises them to drop any bias in favor of a particular cryptocurrency.

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