Blockchain User Data Protection Meets Modern Digital Finance – Introducing v5.0 From PIVX

PIVX presents its cutting-edge v5.0 cryptocurrency wallet software with SHIELD blockchain protocol providing unparalleled comprehensive User Data Protection.


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

— Arthur C. Clarke

NEW YORK, , NEW YORK, USA, January 8, 2021 / — PIVX is proud to present its latest cutting-edge v5.0 cryptocurrency wallet and blockchain protocol providing unparalleled comprehensive User Data Protection. Now anyone can secure and protect their personally identifiable information as well as financial data when transacting digitally, all while maintaining full regulatory compliance with AML laws and the FATF Travel Rule.

The long-awaited PIVX v5.0 desktop wallet will be available for download on January 8th, 2021. This massive upgrade to the core PIVX protocol includes our new SHIELD protocol, which is the world’s first zk-SNARKs cryptography based privacy protocol on a Proof of Stake blockchain. Through this protocol, users will have the ability to both send and receive SHIELD transactions that fully protect their transactional data over the public blockchain. Protocol enforcement is scheduled for block 2700500, which will happen on January 29th. At this point, SHIELD will be active on the network.

SHIELD, which is included in v5.0, also delivers some PIVX unique enhancements such as multi-note shielded spending for a more seamless user experience, as well as including a full 512 byte encrypted memo functionality. This advanced encrypted memo feature allows sending protected messages in any character format over the blockchain along with a shielded transaction, further satisfying both the merchant and regulator requirements.

Since 2016, PIVX has continually strived for, built, and delivered better User Data Protection features for the Proof of Stake sector of blockchain technology. PIVX v5.0 is the fastest, most secure, feature-rich, and data protecting crypto wallet ever to be realeased from PIVX.

PIVX’s v5.0 wallet and blockchain protocol provide the end-user with blazing fast transaction experience. User data protecting transactions are generated in milliseconds even on a low powered computing device like a Raspberry Pi. With such efficiency comes actual practical transaction speeds allowing for global remittance and settlements.

PIVX’s SHIELD protects both the sender and receiver’s data, as well as the transaction value. You have full control of when, and to whom, you’d like to keep your information protected. However, you also will always have the ability to grant permission to view transaction details on a case by case basis at any time in the future through your own viewing keys.

Other developments currently underway by the Core PIVX Developers:
Tier two network refactor and overhaul
On-chain Masternodes (Deterministic Masternode Lists)
Network sync time improvements
Protected light protocol research (User Data Protected & anonymous light client for mobile and desktop)
SHIELD Masternodes (User Data Protected & anonymous collateral and rewards)
SHIELD voting (User Data Protected & anonymous voting)
SHIELD staking (User Data Protected & anonymous staking using zk-SNARKs)
Protected network (Dandelion Protocol)
Trustless setup: Spartan/Halo/Supersonic (ongoing research)

For more information about SHIELD, and the v5.0 release, please visit the PIVX website.

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