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Ethereum is the brain child of Vitalik Buterin and the unofficial number 2 behind Bitcoin. Launched in 2013, this blockchain supports smart contracts, giving ETH the nickname of „Programmable money“. Any person with a computer can launch his own smart contract on the platform, leading to a very dynamic and innovative environment. Ethereum has attracted a lot of attention recently by leading the booming DeFi scene, which is based on the network’s smart contracts.

What is Ethereum?

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Ethereum News Ticker

Oct 07 2020 ETH 2.0 updated roadmap

Sep 08 2020 Is Ethereum only a testnet for DeFi?

Aug 30 2020 Fundamental problem for DeFi on Ethereum is exposed

Aug 21 2020 ETH/BTC flippening index approached 62%

Aug 14 2020 Ethereum has a problem with gas!

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