Ethereum Foundation (ETH) One of the Sponsors for ETHOnline Hackathon

ETHOnline Hackathon + Summits from October 2, 2020 through October 30, 2020 is all set to happen.

Ethereum Tweeted:  “It’s happening.  READY!? IT’S A DATE! Devcon will take place from August 10-13, 2021 in Bogota, Colombia.”

Anticipation is already building and it is ETHOnline all month, every week.  The Beacon Fuzz Update #08 is out.  The update consists of Slashing Processing Discrepancies.  BLS Differential Fuzzing.  Cloud Fuzzing Infrastructure.  Teku Integration.  And Plans for a Custom Fuzzing Engine.

ETHOnline is the chance for the developer to dive deep into Ethereum. In the Kickoff Summit, they are covering all the big topics, while introducing major themes which will be covered in the following 4 weeks.

Whether someone is totally new to Ethereum or is looking for the latest technical insights, the Kickoff will have something for everyone.

On October 09, 2020, they will be digging deep in to the latest scaling solutions, infrastructure, dev tooling and more that is available to developers on Ethereum.

On October 16, 2020, it is set to be about an all-out DeFi extravaganza. They cover everything from the big picture to the latest releases.

On October 23, 2020, they will cover how Eth2 complements Eth1, how Eth2’s launch will enable near-term scaling, how you can participate in staking, and much more.

On October 30, 2020, the final day of ETHOnline, they will be looking at the big picture and on how has Ethereum changed the world? How will it?

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “I just looked in to the list of Mentors, Speakers and Judges for the ETHOnline event.  I feel it is worth all the time and effort.”

Ethereum Foundation is one of the many sponsors for the event.  For those who are new to Ethereum, Ethereum is a global, open-source platform for decentralized applications.

Ethereum (ETH) For those Getting Started

Those who are interested in Ethereum should know about Ethereum, Ether, wallets, tokens and more so that one can start using Ethereum applications.

Those who want to develop in Ethereum should learn about the technology behind Ethereum and its applications to start building with it.

Enterprises should see how Ethereum can open up new business models, reduce your costs and future-proof your business.

It is also important to know about Ethereum 2.0.  Eth2 is a long-planned upgrade to the Ethereum network, which provides scalability and security which is required to serve all of the humanity. The first stage of Eth2, called Phase 0, is planned to launch in 2020.  The focus is to reduce energy consumption and to increase security.