Nervos Teams Up with Coinbase’s Rosetta To Promote Blockchain Integration

One of the most trusted and popular decentralized blockchain systems, Nervos, has announced its collaboration with open-source middleware solution, Rosetta from Coinbase. The integration between the two leading platforms will ease out the burden on developers by enriching them with a user-friendly infrastructure and interface. The Nervos Network’s official Twitter handle released a post to broadcast the news about the partnership. The post read:

According to the post, the partnership will allow Nervos blockchain-based developers to create products on Nervos CKB, the layer 1, PoW public blockchain protocol. This shall be achieved without writing custom parsing pedagogies. The notable crypto exchanges will be able to access the data on blockchains and tokens at a faster speed and with better functionality of operations. The integration is likely to trigger interoperability for the Nervos system which aspires to facilitate the inclusion of permissioned and permission-less blockchain networks to reduce the burden on the users. The Rosetta API will give a well-designed entry/access to the developers on the Nervos CKB channel and thus opening doors for more opportunities and services.

Rosetta was designed by Coinbase to streamline the time-consuming process of integration with blockchain or an exchange network. The middleware solution helps the exchange to simplify the processes involving information collection and tokens approval systems. Rosetta eliminates the technical complexities related to Coinbase like asset listing, Coinbase Custody, and Coinbase Earn. It offers unprecedented services for blockchain integration like access to blocks, transactions, and balances of any associated blockchain in a systematic format.

By allowing exchanges to collect data on Nervos in a streamlined way, Rosetta integration will surge the customer base and enhance the network operability for the members. The exchanges supporting Rosetta API will now be able to team up with Nervos in a speedy and secured mechanism without putting the customer funds at risk in any case. It will reduce the time gap between the token registry and listing on the crypto exchange portal. Rosetta will aid the exchanges in offering transparent and accurate data to the users so that they can diversify their crypto investment portfolio by extracting information from them.

Coinbase, along with Rosetta and Nervos Network, is aspiring to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The firms are adamant to boost mass adoption by leveraging the best services and tools for crypto lovers.