1. hello,

    can someone help me with the stop loss? my problem is that if i want to buy a breakout, the stop loss maybe will be higher then current price, so i cant fix the trade, it doesnt allow

    eg: now price is 950, i set it to buy if it goes above the 1000, and want to set a stop loss to 980, but it is higher then current 950 price, so it doesnt allow

    so it is working if i want to buy on a lower price, but not when on a higher price, is there any solution for this here or mabye with other program?


  2. The interface looks a little different these days. Since the 3c.exchange move. Do you have a video of the latest interface? There are a few other options that could use an explanation. Love the videos. Thanks for your work.

  3. 3commas staff just messed with my funds. I now have them locked in a bot and they request 500 extra dollars to unlock the bot.
    They did it without my consent.

  4. Hi, thanks for the video!its my first day on 3comment. im not really getting it..about the stop loss and take profit..market order and limit order. I mean i understand the concept but not sure how to use it im afraid to make a mistake. plz help:)

  5. I've had to stop using TTP. I found that in both bots and smart sell, TTP routinely waited until the trade was in the red before selling. I've lost lots of money in a really good market because of it. It shouldn't sell any lower than the original TP level, but after doing nothing while the trade is several % over it, it then sells at a loss. Useless.

  6. Hi, very very super videos you make! Many thanks!
    I have questions.

    QUESTION 1 : Is the smart trade tool included in the basic 20 dollars plan?
    QUESTION 2 : For the smart trade to function you also need half a BTC deposited at least or can I do smart trade with say only 100 dollars of coin deposited?
    Many many thanks! Keep on rockin'!

  7. hi, you set you stop loss on -10% but your profit stay on 5%, so if you get 6% and than the price falling down ,you lose 4%? or im wrong?

  8. Why the bid/ask price does not change automatically? If you set the price manually, then this is already Limit order. Why does the price of change Bid/Ask changes with a big delay. Why does the Tradingviev charts work incorrectly?..So many questions…. The program is sold as ready BUT why then need some work. Can't answer these questions?

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