1. “Sean” was dumb enough to fall for that’s shit..I ain’t helping him! Tell him to do go fund me account called “stupid me”

  2. I'm nationally from Accra, Ghana I can tell you Alot of scammers are there we kinda go to a computer centre where u gotta pay money so u can use the WiFi and the rituals you should understand half of them are from Africa I know everything.

  3. Hey dude somebody tried to scam me as well…I was lucky that I got suspicious and didn't transfer any money. He was from Nigeria only pretending to be divorcee woman from Colorado. You are doing a great job by saving people's hard earned money.

  4. How come we don't have this kind of individuals in the law enforcement?,this guy is the mannnn,very smart and by now,a lot of people knows about this mf scammers from africa…😂🤣😅…!

  5. How do you get all these scammers in your life..anyhow I had my military photo from FB used in a scam, not the one i use for you tube.. I use my cat for FB now.. Fuck the scammers..

  6. Some woman tried to get my number on tinder, from Nigeria, she had a history of instigram pics but on closer evaluation, she never had any real friends it was all models and advertisements. Total scammer, she was good

  7. hahahah… it is very simple.

    Cannot do video call is an instant red flag so goodbye. hehe

    If your so-called caller/suitor has money problems, refer him/her to his HR department.

    Someone talked to me before he said he is an engineer from Sweden. After few chat, he cannot give a video call because his phone is broken. An engineer who cant afford a phone?

    Then later on complaining he lost his wallet on his way to London. Asking for USD 1,000 for help and he will return it.

    I said, talk to your Human Resources for help.

    then I blocked him.

  8. wow so this random dude finds out who the scammer is that fast meanwhile a PI and police totally useless. i have had at least 9 of these scammers try to hit me up on dating sites but my momma didn't raise no fool. not a freakin chance i would send any of them a dime. once spotted they get told off and blocked and reported. I feel bad for the ppl's pics who are stolen and used in these scams.

  9. I don't get it why do you cover the scammers face.. on the other hand you show pictures of innocent people who had their pictures stolen by scammers?

  10. For a military guy on active duty serving in syria, he sure never wears his uniform 😂. That should’ve been your first sign.

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