1. Thank you superman Rayner Teo. Your presentation and knowledge open my eyes wide. I stop all the tradings until I learn what you present here and other places. Again thanks.

  2. I swear I’m hooked on ur videos, I’ve watched other mentors and traded for years but no one goes through as much detail as you, I’ve learnt more here for free than many paid courses!! Keep it up man huge fan!!!

  3. The "powermove" reversal tends to not prove as common with bitcoin. Every bull trend it has experienced is pretty much massive pushes up followed by distribution followed by more massive pushes followed by more distribtution. Btc rarely hits the .50 fib level during a bull correction.

  4. thanks man for sharing this ! about placing a stop loss above or below support and resistance I always knew market makers and big banks will be hunting down those Areas for liquidity so I would either trade without stop loss while watching what's happening as I approach the zone or place it far away from the majority to give the trade it's time to get back in the desired direction…

  5. Yes sir – Thumb up 1st to your video as always before watching it as I knew 110% it will benefit me in every way shapes or forms. I promised to myself that I have to watch all of your teaching on Forex and apply on Demo account before go on Real… The only way I can repay your kindness is to watch the entire Ad.. Keep up the good work my man.

  6. Second point says Trade breakout with build-up and last point says trade at the first pull back. So should I only wait for first pull back to trade breakout??

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