Most Insane Bitcoin Bull Run (No Price Drops)

Today we will look at the most bullish case for Bitcoin where the price does not drop after the halvening. Get FOMO Trender 50% off with “BitSquad” …


  1. Love all the hard work your doing brother but you need to get your mods and admins under control they just booted me for no reason from bitsquad traders I went into bitsquad to ask why and got 🦗🦗🦗 even though admins and mods were active. I got no warning was just talking about crypto nothing anyone 3lse wasn't talking about. Makes me wonder how far out of touch you are with the community here that supports you. Good luck bitboy I'll see you at the top no doubt.

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  4. To tell you the truth nobody knows what’s going to happen. No crypto advisor on YOUTUBE Knows what’s gonna happen in the future. The only thing we could do is Buy and hold And live life.

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  6. And really what skill do you have? You regurgitate news and make uneducated predictions and shill to people for profit… SHAME ON YOU…. Anyone who takes your advise without doing their own research is a fool like you…

  7. Bro leave bitcoin alone and peace…he will do as always does… check out altcoins party as it is staring outperform btc as was predicted. if you are looking from now to 1000x plus… go all in on alcoins like hbar, dgb, zil, hex, ada and enjoy gains next 18 months.

  8. 1 the difficulty will adjust in 5 days this will lead to miner computulation and price dropping a bit more. How ever with more people entering the space could hold the price where it is but as the price to mine will go to 15k at this price miner will turn off if unprofitable. .. how ever comparing charts to the past with most situations of patterns that's resembling past are not the same as we now have the future market

  9. It will move towards 16 through 18… then drop… only to rise again towards 24 ish by January next year… I'm only leaving this comment here as proof.

  10. And In 2044 there will be 1/10th of a BTC per block or 62.5 times less than today post halving so on production cost alone the price in 2044 will be $500,000 I'm willing to wait. Also consider the USD money supply has grown 400% over the last 24 years so take that into consideration eh?

  11. More top news for Bitcoin and crypto⛱

    David Schwartz (aka – Dasch) @DaddyCool1991 -Litecoin Foundation

    Well, well, well….

    @CoinDesk U.S. banking giant @jpmorgan has added @coinbase and @Gemini as its first cryptocurrency exchange customers, CoinDesk has confirmed.

  12. Hey BitBoy why are no YouTubers talking about holding ESH off Uniswap to get GHOST airdrop, McAfee has publicly tweeted it’s his new privacy coin. It will be airdrop 1 to 1 for ESH holders on 25th May.

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