1. Think the federal government is trying to keep bitcoin out , watched billions season 5 episode 1 and bitcoin was mentioned as a national security threat and was not backed by anything . Hope odds turn any way . Need a drink now !

  2. In my opinion, for cryptocurrencies, Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) over the course of a few months is the best investment strategy. Just set aside a little amount each week to throw at the market no matter what. Then, if the market drops, you still can take advantage of the crash with your weekly amount. And if it goes up, you still have a solid position that can take advantage of the upswing! Bitcoin is just so volatile that it can be hard to sit on the sidelines.

  3. It's so interesting and likewise hilarious when I watch videos and see so many perspectives about cryptos, holding, and trading. So many views and you can't help but laugh. The biggest of them all that really cracks me is the naivety with which a larger percentage of crypto enthusiast use in screaming HODL without realizing the reasons to hodl and in what kind of market to implement this strategy with the hopes that BTC is going to be $1,000,000 or XRP $250,000 in the next couple of years. This fallacy is further fueled by greed which would make so many lose all their savings to hypes. Cryptocurrency today sadly is largely speculative, unpredictable, and risky to hold onto for anybody who is technical enough to look critically at the long term trend, read the charts and understand the markets. We all need to make a profit from trading rather than buying and waiting for bitcoin to Skyrock, although I don't kick against holding but I do see it as an odd way of making profits when it comes to crypto. I am currently accumulating more coins by trading with signals provided by Brian Charles, who is an expert trader. I have increased my portfolio from 1 BTC to 5 BTC in just a month interval, his system is very sophisticated and accurate when carrying out trades. Brian can be reached on telegram (Brian_doby) for inquires into a profitable trading system.

  4. Look at what Goldman and jp Morgan do not what they say. It’s classic Wall Street manipulation. When these guys come out and say this it means we should be buying more

  5. HiTony from England, I find the comments by JPM & GS, discourage clients while they “ fill there own bags first”. 😂, they will change their tune once they are fully loaded up and then SELL them to their clients..

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  14. they dont want us using decentralized networks . once you go to the dark side of crypto you realize just how much bullshit you have been fed all of your life. it is a journey. a path to freedom.

    keep it in the bank they say. it will be safe they say. until it isnt.

    i look at lebanon and venezuela as a reminder for what can happen to any country.

  15. Great video Tony! It's also crazy that JPMORGAN is actually in the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, why wouldn't they say to buy Ethereum then? Like you said, they don't want to lose money in their own stock portfolio. These high money clients will be pissed when theyfindout JPMORGAN, GoldmanSachs etc, have been accumulating, like you said! Keep up the good work buddy 👍 also enjoyed the recent Tezos interview

  16. When I first got involved in cryptocurrency I’m wired money to an exchange I think it was a bit true. I did it through my JP Morgan Chase account the manager of the branch try to talk me out of it. I had an IRA with JP Morgan Chase right purchase mountain vestments and they would not allow me to purchase even the grayscale bitcoin fund. So I close my account with my investments to Fidelity. JP Morgan Chase is good for banking. But as far as investments I like to buy what I want to invest in That what they think is good for me if I wanted her in advice I would pay for it.

  17. Would not surprise me if they were running their own bitcoin mining operations. Trust no one, expect the knife in the back at all timed! Dog eat dog world.

  18. In the meantime they have been accumulating for years. There's a video I've seen many times that shows them investing and buying up BTC for years… can't think of where to find the video right now but it's all behind the scenes. Remember don't listen to what they say but watch what they do… sometimes its hidden for all their own greedy reasons… They will switch the message when they are ready!

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