How To Use A Tight-Stop Strategy to Trade a Breakout

This video explains a potential strategy for trading in market conditions when you are expecting the price to break out, but are unsure about which direction.


  1. really gave me some interesting stuff to try, thank you, im new and gonna bew watching lot more vids, what I would like to no is how do I put my chart in nightime mode like yours in vid,also remove the info bar to the right. last thing when I run my mouse over the candles I don't get the times and the low and highs appear? any reason I am unable to see like how u did in vid. thanks

  2. My broker contacted me and instructed me they wont allow me to set buy sell pending orders on indices, they said it was illegal , i guess they were lying coz i was making a killing?

  3. I had tried this thing(of opening both a short and a long position) some times ago but it did not work, the problem being that if I open a long position this is closed as soon as I open the short one. I don't know if this is caused by the platform that I use(my broker is ig).
    What may the problem be?

  4. Thanks for continuing to add strategy videos. Just curious if you're planning to put a stop loss ability on the Pending OCO on the app.

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