1. I’m enjoying your videos. Informative and appreciate you posted a video on wallets. It wasn’t as specific as I felt I needed but the more info the better. Overall I’m just so confused as to where to begin. There are way too many platforms to consider for buying, too many places to reference for analyzing movements. It’s a lot. Will try to stick with this to get to my very first steps

  2. Love your channel.. But one question… There is so much speculation and TA videos.. If im not missing something big isnt bitcoin going to moon about mainstreaming bitcoin? Or am i missing something. And when a "noob" (JK) as called by bitcoin streamer seeks elevator pitch she gets "geek" jargon.. I Like your channel but think we need to have more streamers not only catering to us bitcoin owners =)=)

  3. I'm not subbing because you talk so fast at times it just becomes an annoying mumble and your speech becomes unintelligible.
    Learn to slow down and pronounce your words properly.

  4. I have 90 eth i was going to stop at 100 and spread out my portfolio but im really bullish on eth 2.0 when launched in the next 6 months so i might keep stacking more until it 🚀🚀🚀

  5. Buying the dump and waiting for bitcoin to go up is the dumbest idea ever because its manipulated 24/7, just trade daily and increase your portfolio 💯

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