Bitcoin is already regulated in the US, says CoinShares chief strategist

The IRS announced plans to go after some cryptocurrency investors for back taxes. Anthony Pompliano, co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets, …


  1. What the hell was that lady talking about! Bluntly interrupts pomp and her response doesn’t even have anything to do with what he was saying?

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  3. This lady is a fuckinh bimbo idk why they have stupid people representing crypto. Wow btc is traceable and dollar is also

  4. This goof talking about Torrents WTF???😳 The US will bomb every country into submission. So no country will embrace BTC unless Team America lets them.

  5. IRS needs more money to make money on their own money so they can buy things with money money. The most greedy people on earth =IRS. It's HIV on steroids

  6. Fu I'll never cash Bitcoin out for the ponzi scheme you call the usd. Thus I'll never pay taxes on it. You can't regulate Bitcoin only on and off ramps which I'll never take

  7. Watching people talking about "the monopoly governments have over fiat currency" and you know these guys have no clue how our currency system actually works. Neither the US, nor the EU, nor the australian or most other governments in the world have any power over the currency they use. Central banks are, just like most other banks, private companies that act independently of any governmental guidance.

  8. She is dumb! Using Capital One’s cyber incident is not a valid point. Crypto exchanges and ledgers GET REALLY HACKED and customers lose all their crypto money. Capital One customers that was potentially hacked got THEIR BASIC APPLICATION INFO taken only (SSN included if it was the case). There are dangers in both but the classic system is WAYYYYY BETTER. Cryptos or tokens are the beginning of the end of privacy. Basically the mark of the beast. Who will it benefit at the end? ALWAYS ASK YOURSELF THAT QUESTION

  9. My feeling is that, based on what bitcoin is and the position it will hold in our society – and already does – the government of America would acting outside of the realm of their rights in trying in any way to keep hardworking Americans from accessing the coin, nay, this opportunity.

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